Welcome to the Two Brothers Software Shareware download site. During the time this site was active we directed over 1.2 million unique users to over 1.5 million different downloads. This was all done at no cost to the software companies or the visitors

Unfortunately, submission spam got the best of us, this site at the end was blocking on average 1,000 spam shareware, adware, or other malware products from our list each hour. It had been so difficult to manually review the few legitimate software titles that no new submissions had been submitted for over 3 months. Even worse, submitters have been very difficult to work with recently due to the changes in Google Rankings. Companies that had submitted their titles multiple times were now being penalized and demanding that we clean up thier mess. Because of all these reasons, this shareware site will now disapear into oblivion. Thank you to our faithful supporters

Aug 2014, update:
We are still consistently getting requrest to clean up messess from submitters themselves. To clarify, each submission had a concise agreement in which companies submitting multiple titles are required to pay for removal of titles. This agreement sits in the original form on the verification page. This manual verification was done to prevent our company from being overwhelmed by requests to fix sumission form spam. To prevent submission form spam, many unique methods were implemented including mirror sites for acceptance of software that was being dishonestly submitted. We continue to stand with any original agreemnt between the submitter and us.